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Hii tday im remaking my wholeeeee page. Im actually typing this n google docs rn bcause my whole website is dysfunctional. Im in my coding class rn and they are teaching me how to use iframes and divs,,,,,, okay bestie whatev. I should update my like uhh log? Update log.


Hi guess guess who. Its me mothalas. I still don’t have a place to write so im back in google docs…. Im working on my page for february rn but its what it is. Uhhh okay. Im watching supernatural in my IDM class and writing and cosing at the same time since i finished my project. I should make a page on spn because i love it so much… maybe write my thoughts on like each episode as i watch. That would be fin to go back too i think. I just started 4x11 now so…. Like 11.5 seasons left!! Im basically there lets be so fr.


I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to make all the columns uniform in width. I don;t know man I just want to make a tribut for bestie Amphibifish's birthday but nooo that makes the day 10000px wide. Ugh. Tommorow I have off from school thanks to good friday and my dad is working 12 hours so I will be doing a whopping zero things. I have a lot of homework to get done though, like a science lab and math homework i think and two midterms to study for and actually so much but it's okay, i'd rather work on neocities.
I like writing in here now that i'm out of google docs. It's like i'm making my own corner of the world to thrive in. i love my little ecosystem. Omg i'm watching supernatural rn and castiel is on screen sorry i need to take a break. Sorry i will forever be a cas girl. I may have only met him 16 episodes ago but hes probably my favorite character. Idk. I relate the most to sam probably though. I should make my spn page at some point... however i will probably make April first. Like i only have 3ish days left of this month. Tbh it is tecnically the 29th today, but it's 2am and i havent gone to sleep yet today so. Thats the rules that I follow on my handheald diary so thats what im sticking with here. The only days that those rules DONT apply is on my birthday. Because usually I have a lot of thoughts in the early hours of my birthday so. But that's not for another like 6ish months or something.
My uh. I can't figure out how to accurately indent my stuff. I need to do that to febuary as well tbh, like i love my little sidebar but its so annoying because the default alignment doesn't wor. And I hate the way that center align looks for this, it's not quite what I'm going for. Soo idek.
bro why is minecraft launcher open and why can i not close it help. This must be a sign from above that i have to play minecraft right now. I actually don't even want to. I almost always play video games on my own i dont even know why i don't want to play with my friends anymore. Not even just minecraft it's fortnight aswell :(. I just can't deal with it. Sad.


Today i went to bed at like 5am and woke up at 11:30. Despite my late start to the day I actually got a lot done. When I first woke up I was kinda just chilling when bestie fish started posting on tumblr about how they want to be able to code like me and ofc I was honored but like.... my website is lowkey fucked rn. Reguardless I gave them a tutorial on some stuff I have learned in school. (They don't take my coding class with me soo.) Please excuse the apperence of their website. It used to look good but they purged the entire thing today so like.
After that i watched a youtube video where this girl Digitized her whole closet and i was like.. omg that's so cool.. I should do that. So then I did that for a little white. I went through my clothes and I have a decent ammout of stuff in my digital closet now so thats fun. I made the cutest outfit in the whole world. Floral flowy maxi skirt, ribbed tight tank top, brown laced lofars. You get the picture. It was so good but I didnt actually have anywhere to go so I went on a walk around my neighborhood. I'm so glad that it's like actually spring now because it's warm enough so that I can go out on my sunset walks again but it's not so hot that i'm sweating the entire time. March april and june are like the best three months weather wise, locally anyway. October is also really good.
I really need to get my science assignent done because even though it's the weekend since eveything is online now it's due today. Which is so stupid but whatevrrr. Maybe i'll just do a little bit of coding...... just a little bit okay... it can wait it's only like 9pm and it's due at 11:59. We will be fine trust.


Today it is easter. Enjoy this graphic I made for the occasion.