February 2024

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hello! I don't know how often i'm relaistically gonna update this diary in particular. To be honest it feels like im cheating on my actual handheald written diary. But i've been wanting to have a digital version for like years now. And seriously speaking, the process of digitizing four whole books and roughly 500 pages of handwritten content spanning over five years is so daunting it's something i'm never gonna be able to accomplish.
I'm gonna have to format this whole thing later which is gonna be an experience for sure... like. On my old website I was able to like center some things and make a few div tags but on here the thought of making a whole thing is kinda scary to me. I seriously don't know man, I dont even know how to change the font yet :(. Although I did manage to change the c o l o r s of my text! (That was a pain, but now I learned how to change the color of individual characters!)
Origionally I was gonna have my whole website be like a earthy cottagecore boho theme, since that's more my aesthetic in real life. (I mean, just look at my Pintrest ) But i thought that the space sparkle theme looked cooler. Maybe I can make this page all green and stuff but leave my other pages in the space theme since this is like my own personal space. Although this whole website is made to be my own personal space so I dont even know. I want to add more blinkies and stickers to this page in the future too so that it really resembles like one of my real diaries. I was on another website, i forget who's but they had like whole different pages for different months and omg,,,,, it looked so good. ughhhh i have so many ideas and I don't even know how to execute any of them yet. I guess that's another reason why i'm making this website in the first place. To imporve my knowledge of html and basically impress my teacher at school with my code prowess, that's like it. And the other kids too i guess but do they really even matter. We use Adobe Dreamweaver in that class which is all fancy . It gives you a lot more to work with then Neocities and it like makes more sense to a begginer i guess. It's all just little stuff like having a live display window, color pickers when using css, little drop down menues for the files n stuff etc. Although I guess that's just what you get when you're paying to use Adobe products . My school pays for them for me though so i dont really care #taxpayer money. okay goodbye !