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today i dieded :(. GET APRIL FOOLED!! HAHA!! right now im in idm and watching supernatural as per usual. We are supposed to be working on our project but im still finished with it so like. our next project is like a point and click cute adventure game. we are working with multiple pages oooOOHHHHhhoOOOHhhHh scaryyyyyyy. thats so scary how do you make more then one page?? on a website?? i really am thinking about doing a web design competiton next year. that would be so fun. but my friends in this class are like more game design aligned. Like i was offered to join a game design team but like... i don't really want to so. But you need to have a pair of people to compete and idk anyone who is interested in web design who im friends with......... wink wink nudge nudge.


I just woke up from a bery strange dream. But i can't really tlk about it beause it had like eveyone i've ever spoken too and all my lovd ones in this dream. I don't even know why but there was everyone heere so whatever. Anyway,
Yesterday after school i was just hanging out withmy friends while we waited to like go home or whatever and i acccidently left my phone outside of my school and i was like.... wtf. Because I always check my pockets for my keys and my phone. No matter where I do i make sure I have that stuff. But it was weird because when I did that I felt my phone. It was actually just a CALCULATOR???? ugh. But when I got home I checked find my iphone on my ipad and it said it was still at the school. So i walked back thinking that maybe some kindhearted soul left it in the office for me thank yuu. but when. i got there i checked find my iphone again and it was driving down a road away from me.... oh np... So i put it in lost mode so that they could see a mesage and a contact. My dad was at work but I put down his number and the girl who had my phone called him. And i just got a call today and... she juist f=dropped it off!! yay!! i may also at some point try and find "my" left airpod. (there are so many airpods in that lost and found. like actual cases full of them its kind of crazy). But anyway, my plan is that i'm gonna go get ready, find my phone, and then like walk to dairy queen for lunch and work on some web assets while i'm there. That's my epic plan for today.




Hey yall took a little break but we are so back. For today at least. I just came back from april break and omg... i'm basically done with school at this point. Six more weeks and then I am free for the best summer in the world. I have my hopes up so high but ugh, everything has been so good for me lately i really just think that this is gonna be a great summer. I deserve it after the absolute disater that was last summer.... Like I had all these plans to travel and do all this fun stuff and hang out with friends stc etc BUT THEN I BROKE MY LEG. IN THREE PLACES. ON THE SECOND TO LAST DAY OF SCHOOL HIVSFYIDVKBOSIEUK. pisses me off tbh. But anyway the money that was going to my trip was most;ly saved., p>